I don't do this often

Today I’m doing two things I don’t often do in my newsletter.

The first thing is writing one of these types of posts. Substack calls them threads. The idea is to write something short that encourages discussion. So that’s, like, a question, I guess? Not a rhetorical question like that, though.

The second thing is asking you to help spread the word. With the large influx of new subscribers recently, we’re getting perilously close to a big milestone. I mean, not big in the grand scheme of things, but big to me in my little world that I’m incredibly grateful you’re a part of.

Anyway, please press this big blue button or just forward this to someone who you think would like it.

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Okay, now onto my question for you (with a bit of preamble beforehand).

I don’t have a full-fledged piece ready this week because I’m out in Las Vegas visiting my family, and I’m sorry but family always comes before this newsletter. It happens to be exactly a year since my dad was put on hospice care and we were out here visiting then too. At that time, I published a piece that I was able to read aloud to him and my mom and I later adapted for the eulogy I read at his celebration of life event last summer:

Just Enough to Get Me in Trouble
Hurry Up and Have Fun (reprise)
The celebration of life event for my dad is tomorrow. This is the eulogy I will be saying for him then. I reworked parts of an essay I wrote about him with the same title before he passed away in April. Even if you never knew my dad, I hope this piece can give you some perspective today…
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This time around, we made the drive during the day and it went about as smoothly as we could’ve hoped for, besides hitting a small bit of traffic as we got into town and my three-year-old daughter Em being pretty much over it the last half hour or so.

With COVID chilling out for a while and vaccines becoming available for kids under five (fingers crossed), we’re hoping we can make some more road trips this year. We love road trips and it’s been too long since we’ve been able to explore new territory.

Alright, so my question to you is: What’s the most memorable road trip you’ve ever been on?