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Hi Lyle, it was both insightful and scary to read your piece. We welcomed our son James at the beginning of January 2021 via a planned c-section at 38 weeks, he was a happy healthy baby for about 2 hours since he was born. Then when the nurse was checking his blood sugar, he was not breathing at that moment for a period of time. Doctors was able to resuscitate him, the story since that was very similar to your daughter, he was on breathing machine for the first two weeks, now with a feeding tube through the nose. Later after first MRI at day 4 and second MRI at day 14, drs told us he has a moderate brain damage to his basal ganglia and at his brain stem. and likely he'll have cerebral palsy and some cognitive impairment in the future. We are currently working on feeding in order to bring him home. We are trying to stay hopeful but terrified of the grim quality of life for him in the future. Your piece gave me a bit of what that future might look like. I just want to reach out to you and see if there's anything you wish you knew before that you want to share, that would be immensely helpful for us. Thanks.

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