Loved this. I resonate deeply with #3. For much of my life when I tried to write, it was like writing in a cave with the walls as my audience. To know you and many other writers, it's such a boost to know we're all looking out for one another in some way or another.

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Great post buddy! I’m a fan of taking a step back and doing some reflection and analysis on different situations or seasons of life. It’s been fun to watch you grow and keep in touch, albeit somewhat passively.

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I think we've talked about it before, but I also post at a very specific time (7:02). It's easy for me to remember. I'm glad I'm not the only one wired this way!

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Obvious? Maybe they are the discoveries each writer has to make. I appreciated this post very much. It's like gettiing validation from another person taking a similar journey.

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Great piece, lots in here, and I appreciate your straightforward style. Deadlines have always worked wonders for me—and I've often paid a lot to teachers, coaches, groups, etc to impose them for me. I'm finally starting to learn to do it myself, and I appreciate your thoughts on this.

Foster looks interesting!

Physical—and psychological / emotional—fitness play a big part in my own writing, as I've written about here:


How does fitness play into your creativity, and writing?

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Enjoyed this, Lyle. It's inspiring me to start setting deadlines for myself and lean into Being A Writer.

"...we’re all just people trying to express ourselves. It’s tragic that we play the comparison game so much." -> This does hold me back. I look at people with big audiences and the Twitter bros who claim to make 6 and 7 figures a year from doing who knows what and think...I can never get there. So then I do nothing, which is self-defeating, isn't it?

"I’m also having more fun making friends here and on Twitter without the stress of trying to grow my subscriber base and follower count." -> This is my goal. To write and love it and love whatever comes of it without putting stress on myself.

Thanks for the encouragement!

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Dear Lyle,

Thank you so much for posting this. I am new to writing and am in the process, (albeit a very slow one), of writing my first book. Some days I feel confident and creative and am excited about writing. Other days, I get inside my head and start doubting my abilities. I am very guilty of comparing myself to other writers whom are already accomplished and established authors. Reading this article, has sweetly reminded me to climb out of my own head, (it's such a mess in there), and just write . Thank you for writing this. It was definitely needed. 😊 Can't wait to read more of your work. I've only recently subscribed last week and can honestly say, I am already a huge fan of your work. It is beautifully and honestly written and that is a gift that is sadly highly undervalued. I look forward to your future work. Hope this finds you and your family well.


D K. Williams

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Thanks Lyle!

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Hi Lyle, I too, find it hard to write with music on. But my adult kids have turned me onto Lo-fi music and I love it for writing! I also loved the part where you said that you have stopped worrying about promoting and are just writing for yourself. I am slowly allowing myself that luxury, but I'm not there yet!

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"Instead, I’d much rather have the freedom to write whatever the hell I want each week".

This is why I write :-) not to stress out about building an audience, and to share personal stories on (digital) paper. And if I it resonates with even one person, that's enough for me.

Awesome read as always, Lyle!

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Hi Lyle,

I linked to this article in the post I published today. You can find it here. Looking forward to reading your musings...


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Good list. I can't write with music on unless it's instrumental. But I only do that if my wife has the TV on (I guess I can't write with the TV on either.) I am also backing away from all the promotion and social media nonsense that writers are supposed to do. I just want to enjoy writing now.

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God I’m so jealous of your writing. I just read about every link in this thing, plus the thing itself, and all I can say is that I can only hope to write more like you someday....

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Hey! It's funny. I write the same way you do: ass in couch, blanket on lap, laptop on blanket ;)

For music, though, I'm the other way around! The better I know a song and the more likely I'll want to sing along and it'll break my flow. I do need to play stuff I like, but avoid my favorites... it's a tricky balance LOL.

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Hey Lyle, I recently stumbled onto your writing thanks to Substack discover, nd I'm really glad I did. I haven't read a bunch of your stuff, but the divorce one sticks out, literally, as my 30 year marriage just ended last year. I moved out, I changed careers, pretty much parallel your experience a decade ago. Our writing shares the same style, and we write about many of the same topics, albeit from different street corners. Looking forward to your 8:08 posts - on that subject- I posted every Friday AM for a solid 52 weeks. I started working-working and have discovered my writing time diminished. I still post, but have allowed myself the ability to post "over the weekend." this has lessened my anxiety and allowed me to be more productive, with work-work and writing. Hope you and your readers check out my platform!



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I always enjoy reading your posts!

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