Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow. I keep hearing about this one!! Top of my list for next year. And one of my life goals is also to be more like George. (Although admittedly I've yet to read Liberation Day. ::gulp::!)

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Thanks for the kind words, Lyle. And more than that thanks for all of the great writing you have put out this year.

(Also I will be stealing this format for an end of year wrap up in 2023. Loved it)

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Awesome list - esp the Atlanta-Dave tv show recs.

do you think they are similar?

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Wow, you really kept track of stuff.

I am viewing Mad Men for the first time, my wife's rewatch. Is definitely living up to its hype.

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Way off topic but since you brought music up I was sad to see that P4-5 didn't make Loudwires top 50 Nu Metal albums of all time as of recent. Burning the process could have easily taken any place of some of the mentions. Only the big impact bands of the era made the cut with multiple albums on the list. You guys and Snot should have at least had honorable mention at the very least. Big fan of your music bro! I'm going to the Sick New World concert in Las Vegas this May to revisit the old days, and rock out to some of the best bands of my favorite genre. Wish you guys still were a unit to do a one off show there. Anyways, sorry for the off topic comment, I hope you are well and wish you a blessed new year!

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My top were definitely Wordcraft and Storycraft by Jack Hart. Super practical, instantly applicable books on becoming a better writer. Not dry, either—Hart has a subtle sense of humor.

Also: "When I first started compiling this list, I felt guilty about all my time spent unproductively. But then I remembered that they’re all influences on my own creative work."

^ This reminded me of something you said at the retreat: learning is an essential part of being a knowledge worker. I'd take that another step and say that growing in your creative work through the influences of others is an essential part of being a writer. ✍🏻

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duuuuuuude omg ok first off thank you for the much too kind words about my essay I appreciate them especially coming from a man of your talent wit and all around good vibe.

also, your tv shows are my tv shows. save for mad men which i have not seen, every show on your list is a top show of mine from this past year. One of the throughlines in those shows is hiro murai - the director of most atlanta episodes and barry episodes. he's so fucking good. the visual magic of those shows (like the overhead shots of cars just sorta driving around) is largely his, i think. also i was just looking back thru his music videos and forgot that he made this one - https://vimeo.com/103728987 - which is both a dope song and amazing music video.

ok now for the main course - everything everywhere all at once. i fucking love this movie. just rewatched w lauren's family and forgot how good it all was. one real fun thing i learned was about this part of one of waymond's speeches -- 'Your clothes never wear as well the next day, your hair never falls quite the same way.' I was like this is so familiar, and its cuz its from a one hit wonder song lol - this is a story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world. Here's the full story - https://mashable.com/article/daniels-story-of-a-girl-everything-everywhere-all-at-once

which i feel like perfectly encapsulates the daniels as human beings., i love them and have been obsessed w their shit for a while and am so happy that they're like truly blowing up now w this movie. A couple recs of theirs that you may not have seen yet -

https://video.eko.com/v/possibilia - this is an interactive short about a couple breaking up that i feel like lays a lot of the groundwork for how they deal w multiverses in EEAAO

https://vimeo.com/98653191 - this is my fav music video of theirs. its such a great idea and so well executed. fuck man, they're just so creative it is genuinely very rare i feel like. they're most well known for the 'turn down for what' song cuz that shit was viral and so was the video (fun fact, the main dude dancing in that video is daniel kwan, one of the two daniels lol -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMUDVMiITOU

anyways, i could write a 30 page essay on them but i'll spare us both

also i'm watching atlanta s2 right now and holy mother of paper boi that shit is good.

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Good post & happy new year! And I agree, the road to Vegas needs a third lane, or high speed rail.

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The perfume guy! I’ve been trying to remember his account name after stumbling upon it about a year ago.

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Lyle, thank you, Allison and Em for making the trek out here and back ❤️. Amazing all those libations! I’m very proud of you! Love, Mom

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